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Another happy Kurzweil user checking in...  

Uptown funk Lister

Hello boys and girls,

I've been playing all my life basically, with my first bands in my teens and had my first paid gigs (covers) when I was 19-20, lugging around organ, Leslie, Rhodes, and a bunch of synths, spent a good part of the 90's a key for hire, and ended up having owned buttloads of stuff through my life.

Fast forward, decided to stop playing in the end in the late 90's, became a web developer and all of a sudden had real money, and though I built a little production studio in my flat, with MPC-60 (Linn upgraded), Nordlead II, AKAI S6000 (fully upgraded) and a bunch of other stuff, I ended up with Protools 7 when that came out, and sold all the hardware gear (and lost a ridiculous amount of money.. haha).

Met "the love of my life", in 2004ish, moved in together, and basically during the years after, I stopped fully with the music, wrote some stuff, got a few things published, but nothing really that I was taking to my heart and continued building on.

Now divorced since 2019, and back on the block!

First thing I bought, to practice and get my hands back, was a Korg-Sp280, grew out of it within a year, and then really didn't know which direction to go, bought a bunch of Synths, KingKORG, Prologue 16 (amazing machine!), Argon8 and an amazing little half rack unit emulating Hammond & Leslie better than anything I've ever tried, called HX3 from a German company, but still, I needed a mothership....

Back in the late 90's I was in a band with another keyboardguy as well, I was the vintage retro junk guy, and he spent all his money on new digital stuff, including a k2000. I've always been familiar with the Kurzweil world, but as I've been so far away from it for more than a decade, I had no idea what was going on nowadays.

Some month ago, still not found something to replace the SP-280 with, I stumbled over a PC3 76 keys in a pawnshop online (I live in Spain, originally from Sweden), and the price was really good, less than 800 euro, and they give 2 years warranty and free shipping...

Spent that night on YouTube and Google, and some day later I grabbed it.


Why oh dear why, didn't I know about this machine before...

I have tried to explain to my musician friends, it's probably like when a guitar player finds that Stratocaster from 19xx that Jimi Hendrix took a wee on, or something, that just fits right into your hands and becomes an extension of your hands, this is the feeling I get with the PC3.

Running the Velocity curve on the "Piano something" (I'm not at home right now), and even if the keys are physically less heavy than the SP-280 (which in the end I couldn't stand as there's only 3 velocity curves and doesn't make anyone happy...), it's just perfect, I feel like this machine is like that strat, an extension of my fingers and me!!

So now I can't wait to get back home again from christmas celebrations, and get back to my baby!!





Posted : 24/12/2021 9:25 pm