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Sugarloaf- Green Eyed Lady-PC3  

Viva la vida Lister

Here are two PC3 setups I made for Green Eyed Lady.

-The first setup (Green Eyed Lady1) is the main setup for the song. It is a KB3 setup so the sliders and KB3 buttons all function for the organ (except slider 'A')
-The 'A' slider controls the left hand bass line Clav volume.
-Expression pedal (CC1) controls only the organ volume,
-The Mod wheel increases the organ distortion.
-Footswitch 1 is leslie on/off.
-footswitch 2 will increase to the next setup (The clav setup for the 1/2 step riff).
-Play with the vibrato functions and the pitch bender for the effects near the end of the song.

-The second setup (Green clav) requires the Kore 64 expansion for it's effects, but can be used without it.
-Footswitch 2 will decrease to the previous setup for returning to 'Green Eyed Lady1'

Posted : 05/08/2015 1:10 am