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Elton John - Your S...
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Elton John - Your Song  

Uptown funk Lister


For years, it's been one of my favourite songs, not only for playing piano but in general


It might sounds simple, but there's a lot under the hood


There's piano (of course), 12 string guitar (panned to the right), upright bass (panned to the left), acoustic guitar (panned to left) a lush orchestra, but that one isn't a wall of sound a la Phil Spector. You can hear individual strings sections, woodwinds like flutes, clarinets, even harp, etc. 

I'd like to ask a multi this beautiful classic deserves, with individual layers to be balanced with the sliders, and of course, with just piano activated at the very beginning. The others as with the numbered buttons

I currently have PC4-7


Thanks so much


Posted : 11/05/2021 10:34 pm