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Google Ads vs Donations


As you know the previous version of Ksetlist had Google ads. Not a lot, but some. That was enough to cover like 1/3 of the expenses of the server. The rest comes out of my pocket directly.

Somebody in Facebook suggested to take Donations instead, obviously small donations ($5 – $10).

So, before I start working on the Google Ads for the new site, let me ask all of you this question to all of you:

Do you prefer a site with few ads OR a site without ads but with a small donation button for those who want to keep the site without ads and can do a small donation?

Please tell me your honest opinion,




Migration finalized

Today the domain was moved to the new server and forwarding is not needed anymore. If you try to connect to and it goes to just give it a few hours more so that the domain spreads all over the world and it should work well.

In addition, attachments seem to be working fine now. If you find any broken link, please report it to me.

So, it seems that we can say that ksetlist is up and running again. I’m sure there will be still minor problems but the basic functionality of uploading and downloading sounds is working and the discussion forum should also be working.

Thank you all for your patience.



Ksetlist renovation

Ksetlist is in the process of renovation.

There were too many errors in the system and maintenance was getting too complicated so it was time for a renovation.

The first thing that you will notice is that the forum is now part of the website. It’s all integrated under one Word Press system. This is way easier for me to manage.

On the other hand, the new forum is totally for me and I have zero experience with it. So, it’ll take some time to get used to and to make sure it is all working as expected. So, please, be patient.

Everything has been ported from the old forum to the new one but you know, I know, we all know there are going to be a lot of things broken. We’ll deal with them one at a time. Your help will be invaluable in these transition times.

The other aspect of having the forum integrated with the website is that we can do more website articles that have more views. We can do feature posts of Ksetlist artists, articles about specific songs and how to play them using the sounds that are posted in the forum and other cool stuff. Of course I could also tell you tips and tricks this way. Or, you could send me the articles yourself and I could publish them if they fit the “editorial line” of the site.

The ultimate goal is that you post more, you share more, and we all can play great songs with great sounds in our great Kurzweil keyboards.

NAMM 2020

Dear all,

This week is the NAMM show 2020. If anybody from is going, please let me know. Not all the time, but I’ll pass by the Kurzweil booth (11113, in the American Music & Sound area) as much as I can, and it’d be great to meet you there.

If you want to try the PC4, there will be one there along with all our latest stuff.

NAMM is always a lot of fun, as you can try the gear for all the major and not so major brands, see a lot of people that you only see once a year, and get to see great and not so great 😉 artists playing all kinds of stuff.

Ping me through ksetlist private messages if you are going!