2024 Fund Drive

Dear all,

Welcome to all the new members to Ksetlist!

It’s been a nice steady stream of new Kurzweil users coming this way. Hope you enjoy the sounds that other people have uploaded here and hope you will also upload your own sounds.

Ksetlist is a community based on sharing sounds by Kurzweil users like you. Please contribute.

As you know, the site is not about me or about Kurzweil as a company, I just put the framework for all this. But this is about you. About the sounds you need and about the sounds you already have that others need. A platform to put together all of you in an orderly way.

I’d like to thank those who religiously put $5/year to help me with the costs of the site. Even people that own other websites are doing this, which is amazingly generous.

This is the time of the year when I have to pay the $99 of the security certificate, which is one of the biggest costs Ksetlist has. If you have already contributed, thanks, but if you haven’t, please contribute with $5 via the Paypal link you can see on the site. It’s easy, it’s secure and it keeps this site alive. Even more important, it avoids that my wife gets mad at me for spending the money on this. And I can tell you, you don’t want that!

2024 will also give us two new Kurzweil pro keyboards, the K2088 and the K2061, as we showed at NAMM. They will come later in the year but they will be compatible, format-wise, with the K2700/PC4/PC4SE/Forte, so files will be easily shareable between those products. I expect to see a bunch of K2088/61 users eventually here at Ksetlist. For that I need all of you to tell the world that this site actually exists!

Thank you all, and let’s keep sharing great sounds!

You guys are great!



Fall 2023


We’ve reached 2,600 REAL members at Ksetlist. And this is a real number since I cleaned up tens of thousands of fake spam accounts. To all of you, thank you so much for being a part of this community.

Ksetlist was thought from the beginning to be a place to share sounds between Kurzweil users. Sounds made by you to make the life of others much easier. A true community.

I’d like to thank all of you who have shared a sound here. You make this place! I’m just putting the framework for you guys to use it.

Fall 2023 is here! It is getting colder in the North and it’s time to get cozy in your studios and crank up some nice sounds. Please consider sharing something during this season.

And thank you so much!

ps.- You know I pay this site with my own money. Please donate $5 to help me with the costs and avoid that my wife gets mad at me đŸ˜‰ Thanks!

NAMM 2023


NAMM 2023 was a good NAMM for us in Kurzweilworld. Smaller than others for sure and with some notable absences (No Roland, Korg just a sales box, …) but for us it was positive.

Our booth was inside the AM&S area as they are Kurzweil US distributors and they run the whole show really well. We had K2700, PC4, PC4 SE, SP7G and the new SP7 ready for people to give them a try. One of the best things at NAMM is to interact with the Kurzweil users at the booth and hear their stories. From the guy that had more than 100 synths, including several Kurzweil keyboards, to the gal that was trying one to step up her gear.

We had very good performances at the AM&S stage that brought big crowds. Chris Martirano as always showing lots and lots of features of our keyboards, Myron McKinley trio were out of this world, Kash Iyengar (with his drummer Cole) is growing each year as a keyboard wizard and the always tasteful Nick Smith with his smooth jazz. Additionally Myron played a K2700at the MIDI@40 event in the NAMM big stage to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MIDI in a show full of superstars like Mark Ishan, Jordan Rudess, Mike Garson and others.

Next year NAMM is back to January and, hopefully, back to its full size.

See you there!





I’m glad to report that the site’s health is way better now after I cut the automatic registrations. SPAM is under control now and it’s a great relief to me.

The only thing to take into account is that new registrations might take few days to be activated as you know I do this as a (very) side thing. So, new users, please be a little patient. It’s worth the wait.

We are starting the Spring season and this is when the renewal of the security certificate of the site happens. That’s my biggest expense along with the domain and server. As every year, I would first like to thank those of you who has donated at any moment to keep Ksetlist alive. Your contribution has kept this site alive so far. Thanks!

But, there are lots of you who have never contributed, and I would want to ask you to chime in $5 via the Donation button to help me pay for all this and avoid that my wife gets mad at me. Believe me, you don’t want that my wife gets mad at me!

This site is NOT funded by Young Chang (Kurzweil) in any way, even if I am an employee of the company. Also, the Google ads money is pretty ridiculous.

Ksetlist is a community of user sharing sounds and I hope it can be maintained by the community.

Thanks for your support!



Major cleanup


I have deleted around 40,000 bogus SPAM users and have changed the registration process to be manually approved, let’s see if that helps keeping the bogus users under control.

Some users with 0 posts were deleted too. If you are one of them and want to actually be part of Ksetlist, please re-register and this time introduce yourself in the People forum (that’s the check to avoid SPAMMERS).

Happy sound sharing,



And 2022 is almost done

Dear all,

2022 is almost done. Just a few lingering days to reflect on the old passing year and to look forward to the brand new year that is yet to come.

Ksetlist has seen a very low posting activity year. Probably the lowest ever. On the other hand there are lots of new users signing in (even excluding all the SPAM bogus users) to download the content that already exists, which is great content.

The reasons are multiple. On one side, there are some classic forums with expert Kurzweil overlords still going strong like the great Mastering VAST forum. On the other side, Facebook groups have grown a lot and have a lot of activity. There are a bunch of them so I’m not going to put links but if you are on Facebook you can just search for them.

Ksetlist was never meant to compete with any of those two. It was always about having a place to upload and download sounds in an organized way. That’s it! And, while it has some discussion forums, that was never the goal and it will keep not being the goal. It isn’t a company forum either, so even if I manage it and I work for Young Chang (makers of Kurzweil), it’s not related to my job, which is write and mange the software, so I’m not in the forum often. It’s not a “Ask Fran a question” forum. Of course if there is something I can help with, I will, as you know, but I can’t stress this enough, Ksetlist is a repository of sounds by the community for the community.

Now, when people don’t visit the place often, as you do with social media like Facebook, people tend to forget it exists and contributions start winding down and the place looks more abandoned. But, I can tell you, there are new users downloading sounds every week. It’s actually very much alive on the Download side.

Now, my wish for 2023 is for those users who are downloading sounds, to upload just a few of their own favorite sounds to Ksetlist and help grow the library. I know, some people think their sounds are not good enough, but, if you use it in your cover band to play a song from a famous artist, please post it. Somebody will appreciate it. Thanks!

On the SPAM side, bogus users are coming to the forum in the thousands, and I’ll try to do a big cleanup soon. Remember to post at least ONE post introducing yourself. If you have ZERO posts, your account will be deleted!!! That’s the only way I have to know real vs SPAM. So, if you haven’t done it yet, please introduce yourself in the People forum.

I wish all of you a great 2023 and keep playing great music with great Kurzweil keyboards!