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[Sticky] Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams  

Penny Lane Lister

The K Set List Challenge May 2011

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams


The K Set List Challenge May 2011 winner is Joerg1506, Joerg Rothhaupt, from Germany. Yes, again! This time it was a very close competition against one of our Italian users. But Germany won again. Congratulations Joerg!

In the words of Joerg:

"@ all PC3 users: It would be nice and a great help to read more comments and critics about the sounds published on the I like to know what I could do better, what doesn't sound as it should. Any improvements to the sounds are welcome! You got this awesome sound engine, maybe the most powerful hardware-solution on the market, and most of the musicians only play presets. This is not the intention of a synthesizer.

I'd like to say many thanks to Brian Cowell at for publishing a lot of programming techniques on the PC3 and VAST. It was and still is a great help for me because sound design on a PC3 is a bit different in some aspects to the other hardware-synthesizers I've worked with. The more I work with this machine the more I explore how powerful it is!"

With Joerg I also wanted to ask you to participate more in The K Set List. It will become what we think it could just if you want to.

Share and have fun!

Kind regards,


Posted : 14/06/2011 4:35 pm
Viva la vida Lister

here is mine.
what do you think?
bye :)

Posted : 19/06/2011 1:41 pm
Uptown funk Lister

Wow kia your patch is perfect, thank you!!! Do I see correctly that it comes with "Sweet Drink Klank" and that's intended to layer 8va for the synth solo? I'm just curious why it decays so fast?

Posted : 20/11/2012 5:03 pm
Uptown funk Lister

Perfect. It's... amazingly great.

Posted : 03/06/2015 9:44 am