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KBank3: A Bank of 19 User Setups for the PC3K Series  

Ordinary World Lister

KBank3 is a bank of nineteen (19) User Setups for the Kurzweil PC3K series of synthesizers.

Each Setup in KBank3 has been created by i) “layering” existing, publicly-available Program sounds and, in most cases, ii) adding at least one additional publicly-available onboard auxiliary processing effect.

Attached are the following three documents:

An Overview PDF document - providing guidance for loading and auditioning the User Setups contained within KBank3

The KBank3 bank of 19 User Setups – provided as a .P3K file

A PDF document, PC3KSetups - KBank3 List, listing the Object ID, name and sound category under which each Setup in KBank3 was saved.

Enjoy! … and please provide feedback to this KSetlist posting on any of your favorite sounds in the KBank3.


SP4 Advocate

Posted : 09/11/2019 6:13 am