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PC4's Very first piano - Dyn 9 ft Grand on PC4

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Is there any way to fix the octave below middle C notes or is there going to be an update soon to fix it? Those notes I try to avoid when playing soft tender songs or one note melody's. I mean this in no disrespect to the wonderful work that's been done for the PC4 but those notes sound like a cheap flatulent machine was layered with the piano sampling. They aren't full and there is no pretty tone to them. I just don't get how this slipped through the sound design team. I loaded a patch from my PC3K8 to get around it for now. Please help! It's keeping me from spending the money on the 2700. Thank you all! 

Posted : 08/12/2021 5:33 pm
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Hi, I posted here ( a slightly improved version of the piano, in which the tuning of G/F below the middle C is more in tune. I have just updated the keymaps, but I am not sure to have correctly saved the patch, so any feedback is more than welcome!!!


Posted : 30/01/2022 5:25 pm