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[Sticky] READ ME FIRST  

Penny Lane Lister


The K Set List was not meant to be a discussion forum as it is stated in the FAQs and it is still not meant to be a discussion forum. There are plenty of internet sites with many savvy users that will help you with any question that you might have.

Still, once in a while there's somebody with a problem who doesn't know how to solve it and does not want to ask in other forums for different reasons. Well, this is the place for those questions. Please do not put operational questions in other parts of the forum (Thanks). Silly questions are allowed. Don't be afraid. Aggressive answers or anything that will turn newbies off will be removed quickly. BE NICE! KEEP IT NICE!.

But before you ask anything, you should first follow these simple steps:

1.- Read the manual. You have the manual. You can download the manual from . Use it!

2.- Read the Knowledge Base at . You cannot believe how many things are already covered there. Step by step. Very easy to follow.

3.- Search the internet. Google is your friend. Go to the very well established Kurzweil forums like , , (in Spanish) , among many others...

4.- Ask Kurzweil customer support. Go to Support and ask them. THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF!

5.- Ask The K Set List. Do not be afraid to ask anything if previous steps did not work for you for whatever reason.

Have fun!


Posted : 30/12/2011 2:24 pm