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[Sticky] Sounds: PC3 era (2.X) vs Forte era (3.X)  

Penny Lane Lister

Dear all,

As you might very well know, the PC3 era products (PC3, PC3K, PC3LE, SP4, SP5, Artis, Artis SE) all have a 2.X Kurzweil Operating System. They can all share sounds between them. These products can't read Forte era sounds.

The Forte era products (Forte, Forte SE, SP6) use a 3.X Kurzweil Operating System. They can all share sounds between them and they can also read 2.X sounds.

ksetlist is open to ANY kind, 2.X or 3.X, of sounds, but, please, to make it easier for newbies, please mention in your submissions if your sounds come from Forte, Forte SE or SP6. Yes, the extension of the file will say it, but just to make it clearer and to save some time for those who can't load them. If your sounds come from a PC3 era product, no need to mention anything as all the keyboards mentioned above will be able to read them.

Thanks and please, keep sharing!!!!!


Posted : 29/11/2017 10:04 am
Uptown funk Lister

Hello all, Thank you for accepting me in the forum :)

Posted : 21/07/2019 12:17 pm
Uptown funk Lister

I had heard one could download tons of sounds for the sp6 on kurzweil's site but all I see are manuals
and OS updates....

Are there collections of free SP6 sounds anywhere

Thank you,


Posted : 03/08/2019 7:37 am
Ordinary World Lister

Hi, Fran! Just curious - is the PC4 a 3.x KOS, or a new number?

PC3LE6 2.26 | K2000R 3.87J | MBP 2012 macOS 10.12.6

Posted : 28/10/2019 5:25 pm
Uptown funk Lister

yes you can load any pc3 sound on sp6 go to soundtower and download the sp6 editor, in the pc3 editor area there is a library called the pc3 LE library using the library feature of the sound tower editor you can add any of these sounds to the sp6, (1024 patches, also on the kurzweil website there are downloadable patches for the forte and forte se. go the the forte se patch download and download all these patches, all of these can be loaded into the sp6. I have spaces 1024 to 2000 filled with some of these patches, once in a while an arpegio or an effect won't quite be right but most of them are fine.

Posted : 07/11/2019 10:52 am