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What's your main use for your keyboards?

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I'd like to get a quick idea of what is the main use for your keyboards:

  • Home studio
  • Professional studio
  • Cover/wedding/top 40 band
  • Original band
  • Church
  • School/Teaching/Learning
  • Others (you can add your own)

Also, if you don't mind, say what country you are.

This kind of stuff helps us in our internal discussions at Kurzweil.





Posted : 11/04/2023 8:32 pm
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Hi Fran

Home Studio

Weddings / Funerals

M in the UK

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Posted : 11/04/2023 9:40 pm
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Hi, Fran!

I use my keyboards (mainly my PC4, but I also own a Hammond clone and a VA synth) in a couple of cover bands. 
I hope to convince my old bandmates to start again with original music, but it’s not easy. 
And, I’m in Italy. 

Posted : 13/04/2023 5:42 am
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Hi Fran, 

I have PC4-7 now. I use it in our worship band (church, christian festivals) and church (worship, sunday services). 

Sounds most used: apianos, epianos, synths, pads, + some effect sounds like reversed delay piano etc. Then I use a pipe organ with user samples. 

Location: Slovakia

Posted : 25/04/2023 10:14 am
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David Webster
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Hi Fran

I'm mainly now home studio for my own entertainment, mostly accoustic pianos, EPs and trying to imitate 70s prog bands. Also sometimes problem solving (programing sounds for others).

Based in UK

Currently Kurzweil Forte and Mojo 61. Also rebuilding a tired old SP4 and by never ending build of analogue synthesiser.

Previous highlights from the mists of time K2600, K2000, PC88, Hammond XK3, L100, plus assorted others (some good - some bad) too numerous to remember

Posted : 26/04/2023 10:26 am
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Tom Williams
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PC4-7 on top,
Nektar GXP88 controller on bottom (MIDI and Power through one USB cable -- nice!)

Instruments currently on hiatus: PC361, Ax-Edge keytar, Casio PX-5S
Instrument awaiting repair / resale: K2600S

Some at church worship band (almost entirely clonewheel use)
Starting a new cover band, 75% pop, 25% prog rock.
Some recording via Reaper (Recently laid down an organ track for another's country song)

I'm in West Virginia / USA

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-Tom Williams

Posted : 09/05/2023 8:56 pm