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What's your main use for your keyboards?

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I'd like to get a quick idea of what is the main use for your keyboards:

  • Home studio
  • Professional studio
  • Cover/wedding/top 40 band
  • Original band
  • Church
  • School/Teaching/Learning
  • Others (you can add your own)

Also, if you don't mind, say what country you are.

This kind of stuff helps us in our internal discussions at Kurzweil.





Posted : 11/04/2023 8:32 pm
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Hi Fran

Home Studio

Weddings / Funerals

M in the UK

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Posted : 11/04/2023 9:40 pm
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Hi, Fran!

I use my keyboards (mainly my PC4, but I also own a Hammond clone and a VA synth) in a couple of cover bands. 
I hope to convince my old bandmates to start again with original music, but it’s not easy. 
And, I’m in Italy. 

Posted : 13/04/2023 5:42 am
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Hi Fran, 

I have PC4-7 now. I use it in our worship band (church, christian festivals) and church (worship, sunday services). 

Sounds most used: apianos, epianos, synths, pads, + some effect sounds like reversed delay piano etc. Then I use a pipe organ with user samples. 

Location: Slovakia

Posted : 25/04/2023 10:14 am
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David Webster
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Hi Fran

I'm mainly now home studio for my own entertainment, mostly accoustic pianos, EPs and trying to imitate 70s prog bands. Also sometimes problem solving (programing sounds for others).

Based in UK

Currently Kurzweil Forte and Mojo 61. Also rebuilding a tired old SP4 and by never ending build of analogue synthesiser.

Previous highlights from the mists of time K2600, K2000, PC88, Hammond XK3, L100, plus assorted others (some good - some bad) too numerous to remember

Posted : 26/04/2023 10:26 am
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Tom Williams
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PC4-7 on top,
Nektar GXP88 controller on bottom (MIDI and Power through one USB cable -- nice!)

Instruments currently on hiatus: PC361, Ax-Edge keytar, Casio PX-5S
Instrument awaiting repair / resale: K2600S

Some at church worship band (almost entirely clonewheel use)
Starting a new cover band, 75% pop, 25% prog rock.
Some recording via Reaper (Recently laid down an organ track for another's country song)

I'm in West Virginia / USA

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-Tom Williams

Posted : 09/05/2023 8:56 pm
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Hi Fran,

I'm in the UK and play in an originals band.

I have two SP6 lower-tier boards (one kept as a rehearsal/backup board and the other for gigs), plus a Roland VR-09 for the upper tier, and Vox Continental as a VR-09 alternative and occasional third tier. I use a Behringer Crave for bass pedals when required.

Currently looking at Numa X Piano 73 as a possible single board for small gigs. 

I also have a Kawai ES110 as an ideas/general practice board.

I chose the SP6 when it was first released (pre-PC4) due to its sonic flexiblity and its lightweight chassis. It's been very useful for writing and gigging and I max out its capabilities all the time. When I eventually replace the SP6 I'll be looking for more horsepower, zones and a better action (the Medeli's OK, but I'm not sold on flexi-plastic due to one breakage so far, and I would appreciate lower reistance as well as aftertouch).

Posted : 17/06/2023 9:17 am
Rene van Klingeren
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Dear Francesco, used my pc3 for ten years or so in our blues-rock band "yellowcab" It never failed! hammond sound #900, sounds #20-24 for rhodes, and wurlitzer, piano#5. orchestra's for accompaniment. #457 as tenorsax.

pc3k7 for studio@home, and as last item pc4 for composing and sounddesign in livingroom. All great instruments!



Posted : 06/01/2024 5:03 am
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Located in New England (USA), I use either a PC4 or SP6, as single or Duo (usually keys/Sax), sometimes bringing both boards (that have the same key multi's) for a significant gig such as a wedding.
.....also bring similar quality backup amp in those cases.

Also Play for breweries, restaurants, cafe's, street fairs, etc. Am highly dependent on left hand Bass splits. Have a variety of custom Bass sounds, and ALWAYS 'stack' more that one bass via layers in order to get 'that sound'

Play a lot of 'jazzy' standards, but also a mix of pop/blues. I have owned a lot of boards, still also have a yamaha board. However, the Kurz's are my go-to boards due to noted ability to add/customize bass patches, and create various Multis under VAST.

..thanks for continuing to release the updates on both of these boards! I do apply and check out the updates

Posted : 13/01/2024 10:57 pm
Paul Suitela
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Hi all, 

I am from Holland and more than 30yrs addicted to the kurzweils. Always in the market to buy some equipment but it is crazy. Two boards should be enough 🙂 

So, I use the SP6-7 (for the weight, despite the worse keyboard vs the PC3K7) and on top an old K2000 with GOTEK. So soundwise I am covering early K2000 stuff, all the way up to FORTE SE/PC4 but to be honest, QuickAccess is all. That is the only downside I have on the SP6-7. 

The PC3K7 (I had the first one in Holland 🙂 ).... I still have, but it is simply not that reliable anymore because of the heavy use (100+ gigs a year). 

Previous owner of 7 other K2000's (all broke down on me), a K2661 - OMG, I really do regret selling that one , A K1000, K1200, MicroPiano module, PC61SE and the three now left in my house. Greetz

Posted : 19/01/2024 5:11 pm
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Thanks to all that have replied and, please, for those who haven't, please keep doing it. Your stories are important.



Posted : 16/02/2024 1:17 pm
Henk Jan
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My Kurzweil SP5-8 is used in a coverband. Mainly for piano, ep and kb3.

For the kb3 sounds i use an external leslie emulator which gives a much brighter sound than the internal leslie effect.

For special effects and solos on stage i use the Behringer DM12.

At home i play mainly classical piano on my Roland FP90

In the hobby room there is a vintage portable hammond with a Behringer Poly D on top of it. These are for the experimental fun moments

Posted : 30/03/2024 6:37 pm
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Generally : 

  • home studio + some sessions
  • covers / function bands
  • original band(s)

I'm in the UK

For my current Kurzweils, my remaining PC3K6 and 7 are both out on loan (being used in home and pro studios mostly for original music) to different people. My Forte7 has been my main board for everything live since it came out - usually paired with something with a better organ (Hammonds preferably) and/or an unweighted keyboard midi'd into it (all sorts - Roland Fantom X6, Yamaha YC61 and even a beloved old JD800 sometimes). My K2700 is still being used in the studio as the main unit as I didn't appreciate how damned heavy it is!

I'm anxious for the K2061 to come soon as my 'small rig' is currently based around a Korg Nautilus + usb controller, although I may swap that out for an old 61key Kronos (I've used the original 73key version live happily for many years even with its outrageous boot time) as the Nautilus isn't floating my boat.

Music wise, I play a fair cross section - everything from old blues, reggae and ska through pop and rock and fair amount of prog rock (!) 

Historically, I've had a few Kurzweils .. let's see : K2000x2, K2000R, K2500R and RS, K2661, PC2R, PC3 x 2, PC3K8 plus the above .. hell - even an old RG150 piano lol.. so a few .. 

If we want to list the rest that I have / have had over the years, we are going to need a bigger forum lol

Posted : 11/04/2024 4:28 pm