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Queen - Show Must Go On

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Ok, so this is my first upload so go easy on me! I've created a setup for The Show Must Go On:

The keyboard is split with the main strings (verse & chorus) in the bottom half of the key range and the "my soul is painted with the wings of butterflies" pad section from A#4 upwards. There is also an arp (switched on with the arp switch!) for the bell sounds.

The biggest problem I had was how to get the strings back in for the "I can fly my friends" crescendo. I've basically added a duplicate of the strings part up in the pad section that can be faded in using CC1.

All the sounds used are from the basic presets on the PC3, I have got the Kore64 but didn't need to go into the sounds for this one.

If you have any ideas/improvements please post, we can make this a "Killer Queen" patch!

Kurzweil PC3 + Kore64, Kurzweil PC88MX, Roland Fantom XR, Korg O5/RW, Yamaha S90XS, Nord Rack 2X.

Posted : 14/03/2014 7:49 pm
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Well... Show must go on! Well done!

Posted : 13/09/2015 1:01 pm