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[Sticky] The Vault FAQ  

Penny Lane Lister


What's The Vault?

Well, it is the place to post those programs/setups that you programmed and you love but do not match a particular song. This is a completely unorganized list, hence its name, so, please, give as much information as you can about the sound to make things easier for the downloader.

And thanks!


Posted : 07/08/2011 9:44 am
Uptown funk Lister

just bought a pc3 61 le with 2.1 update and like it!
good keybed and easy to costumize for live performance.
my main keys is the Nord pi 88 and im looking for similar rhodes sounds(jazzy funky mostly Mark1 but also mark 2 and 5) to use when the nord is to heavy to bring.
am i right to assume that with the the new update there is not much difference between the Pc and Pc le in terms of sound and programming,the only big differance is the polyphony and the effect structure ?

Posted : 21/04/2012 8:05 am
Viva la vida Lister

This is all my PC4's User programs/multis & some absolutely horrible seq's. I think in here are my Q.A. banks 1~3 are in here too . I 'm running on the latest op. system update 1.09.rc.5 Haven't loaded op sys 1.10 or 1.11 yet. Over at Face Book the PC4 group I wrot this up for comfortly 1 & 2 multi which is

This is all My user data my programs My multis & I think even my horrible seq's. that I screwed around with! My operating system is O/S version 4.32.34136 ! Since I'm a Beta user my operating system is pc4_1_09_5 , which Fran sent this to Me in which at this time I'm not privy to share this but if it does not work I'm going to put it up here in the near future. Fran has recently sent Me a newer update Ver.1.10 which I haven't updated. On my Mults (set-ups) my Comfortly Numb 1 has a guitar glide upward on the first B & C by zone3 &on Zone 4 a hi pitched guitar guiding downward from the the second A & B. these are super-imposed over the Vox & strings - - And from Zone 1 I have Triple-Strike Orch from G4~G9. Effects here are not seamless being the nature from the effects differences !! On Comfortly Numb 2 - - Zone 2 has Triple-strike Orchestra /w Horns swell from pressure - range is from C-1 to C4 , -- Zone 3 has ExpresivoViolas from D4 ~G9 controlled by Expression from CC Pedal 1 , - - Zone 4 is a Hybrid Cello which by velocity is very expressive! Zone 1 is Muted - it's the KB3 program '70s Drawbars when which by pressing the #1 button this mutes all other Zones (zones2~6) and retains all aspects concerning effects ! Zones 5 & 6 - - is a cheesey organ sound ( For the last verse) & 6 is an orch chime (1 note C#4) . These mutlis I made are fun to play with and all the sounds are now considered as my Larry user programs & Multis , look around in the user sections (pro & multi)!! I don't know if the Quick Access will be loaded or not - - if they are or not please chime in and tell Me!
The Q. A.'s if there would be in bank 1,2, & 3. Hope these work and if they do please do tell Me!   And I hope You good people here at Ksetlist have fun with my humble work !    Larry
Posted : 22/02/2021 5:31 am