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New Kurzweil PC4  

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Uptown funk Lister

Is it going to be compatible with Setups from the PC3 series and with P3K files?

Posted : 08/05/2019 6:08 am
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

Let me put this thread up :) ...
Fran, may you give some info on the timings?
When will this new keyboard land in our favourite shops?
And when will us be able to read the complete specs (and possibly the manual)?
Summer season and open space gigs are coming :D

I quote myself just to add a comment...
Lessons learnt: never post questions people are not allowed to answer :D
BTW if everything goes fine, tomorrow I'll have a PC3 (used, mint condition) to replace sp4 for summer gigs.
Crossing fingers...
PC4 remains an option for the future.

Posted : 23/05/2019 11:07 pm
Bring me to life Lister

Hey Fran. Can you tell me how the PC4 piano compares to the Forte piano? The pianos on my PC3K8 have very short sustain and the notes drop out quickly, then there’s that really fake sounding sustaining thing happening. I’m assuming it’s because of the lower amount of sample memory. I’m aware that the Forte has 16G of samples compared to 2G in the PC4, so I’m not expecting the PC4 to be as good. But can you tell me just how good are the PC4 pianos?
I’m hearing a key bed change from the TP40L which is unfortunate.
I am considering a move from my PC3K8 but I don’t know which way to go...Forte? Or PC4. Or leave Kurzweil for something else. Got some thinking to do. I hate to leave the TP40L key bed, and the Forte’s 16G of samples is attractive. Just don’t know. Help me Fran if you can.


Posted : 11/06/2019 9:55 pm
Penny Lane Lister


The piano samples of the PC4 are like the Forte SE or SP6. Basically you have all the samples of the PC3 series (with expansions) plus a sub-set of the Forte samples, that includes some Forte piano samples. In addition to all the features that are now standard in our products and the PC3 series doesn't have, like String Resonance, for example.

So, you can surely have better pianos in the PC4 than in the PC3 series.

Note that the PC4 comes with lots of Programs that use those samples. Because it's not just the samples themselves but also how the Programs use them.

The Forte, obviously, have all the roots of the German and Japanese, without looping... they are huge in size and that's why it sounds so well but that's why it has 16 GB of space.

Regarding the action, the PC4 has a very decent action. Yes, the Forte is better and that's another big part of the price difference between the 2 products, which is very substantial.


Posted : 12/06/2019 1:25 pm
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